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BSD WAX's unique all temp concoction keeps you living life. Remember "LIVE FAST. RIDE HARD."

Wax Scraper - Snowboard

  • BSD WAX's laser cut snowboard scraper is built for durability. We make sure our snowboard scrapers are cut from premium plastics that will hold up against all your scraping needs. We have added a few features that make our snowboard scraper unique and versatile. 

    You can use the beveled edge to cut through a thick chunk of wax or scrape off some some tough P-Tex. You can also used the edge notch to quickly scrape off the wax from your edges, and then use the punch hole to hang "er" up when you are done.

    • Laser-cut
    • Beveled edge
    • Edge notch
    • Punch hole
    • Smoke
    • 2" x 14"
  • We believe so much in our snowboard wax products that if you think our snowboard wax scraper did not uphold our claims of being a durable wax scraper, we will refund your money.

    If our snowboard wax scraper is damaged upon arrival, please notify us immediately.

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