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How we started


It all started back in 1989, when the idea to make the perfect universal waxing applicator jumped into our founder's head in a resort parking lot. Robb Hatley our founder wanted (and continues) to make a universal All Temp wax that was complimented by a container that would let skiers and snowboarders wax thier skis and snowboards on the mountain, or off the mountain. 



Our products are created for one purpose, and that is to make waxing quick and easy with great quality wax. Not only is our wax All Temp, but it also applicable by rub-on or hot waxing. Not to mention our temperature range is pretty dang big with consistent performance from our wax.


We gaurantee, even If it is your first time to wax your skis or snowboard, we will make it easy for you on or off the mountain.


“The guys at BSD are really cool. They helped me with waxing questions, and I recieved my order in just a few days. Even got a check up message on facebook to make sure everything was working right.” - Tanner


“You guys rock, I've used your wax all year round on Mt.Hood for a few years and the quality is consistant every time.” - Jesse


“Been using the deodorant stick all the time when lapping the parks in Colorado, great for top of the lift quickies.” -  Matt

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