How to use our Easy Wax Applicator


It is as easy as putting on deodorant, which you probably do everyday.

So, here is the break-down of how to use our Easy Wax Applicator.


1. Pop off the cap

2. Scroll up the wax with the dial

3. Rub wax firmly until a light film covers the whole base

4. Buff wax from nose to tail in one fluid motion (no circular motions).

5. Buff until the base is shiny (tip to tail)

6. Go ride!


Note: we recommend to use this method when you forget to hot wax (see below) or need a little speed boost. This should not be your primary method of waxing. Hot waxing helps hydrate your bases andd keeps your skis' or snowboards' base lasting longer.

How to hot wax your skis or snowboard


Hot waxing your skis or snowboard may not be exactly how you wax your car, but it is the same concept. So, here is the break-down on how to hot wax your skis or snowboard.


Item list:

1. Waxing or old clothing iron

2. Wax

3. Wax scraper

4. Cloth

5. Buff pad

6. Rubbing alcohol

How to:

1. press wax to iron

2. drip wax in a S-curve down base

3. press iron onto wax that is melted on the base

4. slowly move iron down base

5. wax should melt evenly aross base

6. wait 2 hours or longer

7. scrape wax off base from tip to tail 

8. buff base until smooth and shiny

9. Go ride!

Why should I wax?


You should use ski wax or snowboard wax for a few reasons. Ski Wax hydrates your base, reduces friction, and increases the life span of your ski's bases.



Think of hydration as hair conditioner, it help revitalizes your ski's base as conditioner would your hair. When you start to see your ski's or snowboard's base begin to turn white it is starting to oxidize and "dry out". This prevents the skis or snowboard from holding wax in the future and will ultimately make you go slower, and slower. Hot waxing your skis or snowboard keeps the bases "hydrated" and stops them from drying out, ultimately making the bases last longer.


Reduces Friction

By using ski wax or snowboard wax you are making the base smooth like glass, while the additives to the wax are acting as a water repellant to the snow and water. This ultimatly flattens and disperses  the small puddles of water in the snow that slow you down. Wax keeps you floating over these puddles unnoticed. 


Increased Lifespan

Hot waxing your skis or snowboard keeps your bases "hydrated" and stops them from drying out, protects against minimal scratches and scrapes, and stops dirt from collecting to your bases. In total wax increases the lifespan of your skis or snowboard and keeps you going a controlled speed.

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